Home Theatre / Entertainment

Are you sick of waiting for your favorite TV shows to appear up on Netflix? Wait no longer, you will have every episode on the night it airs!

GARYIT offers an exclusive range of smart home theatre solutions, installation and systems for your home or business. Our 15 years experience in audio, lighting, online streaming and visual integration will give you the best visual and sound experiences.

watch TV your way, on your schedule

Our best selling streaming set-top-box for all home entertainments is pre-configured with the most popular online services available on the internet. There are tons of choices and things you can do with this little system.

We have a smart TV box that streams in HD with no monthly fees or contracts. The set-top-box receiver will give you access to movies, TV shows, live sports, PPV events, live streams with most of your favorite TV channels and worldwide radio stations, sing along to any karaoke song, access your iTunes library or stream photos, get the latest weather info, and 3D movies all in HD!

We do everything..

  • Supply & install all hardware
  • Connect device to the internet
  • Custom setup to your TV
  • Training provided
  • Remote control included
  • 1yr FREE Support
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